Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Claire says: (5:27:32 PM)

What's new in Haiti?

Mischa says: (5:28:29 PM)

The DEA raided Guy Phillipe's house, but he wasn't there.

Mischa says: (5:28:36 PM)

That was big news.

Claire says: (5:28:50 PM)

Really? It wasn't in the Turkish Daily News at all.

Mischa says: (5:29:07 PM)

No? And it has such major ramifications on Turkish-Haitian relations.

Claire says: (5:29:42 PM)

Has the Haitian press been as riveted by the Ergenekon arrests as Turkey is?

Mischa says: (5:30:11 PM)

There is no Haitian press.

Claire says: (5:30:24 PM)

How do they know which journalists to arrest, then?

Mischa says: (5:30:34 PM)

They just shoot 'em all.

Claire says: (5:31:37 PM)

Haiti sounds like it's still got a ways to go before it meets the Copenhagen accession criteria.

Mischa says: (5:32:19 PM)

It will never, ever join the EU.

Claire says: (5:32:46 PM)

Yes, the Europeans are far too profoundly voodoophobic for that, I think.

Mischa says: (5:32:49 PM)

I'm habituated to Haiti now though.

Mischa says: (5:32:53 PM)

It just feels normal.

Mischa says: (5:33:04 PM)

And the rest of the world seems effete.

Claire says: (5:33:59 PM)

It's too bad you can't take a martial arts class there.

Claire says: (5:34:14 PM)

You would be so into writing SIFU again if you did.

Mischa says: (5:34:24 PM)

I bet.

Mischa says: (5:34:32 PM)

But I'm all over writing anything.

Mischa says: (5:34:37 PM)

I was into it last week,

Mischa says: (5:34:41 PM)

but then my Creatons went south,

Mischa says: (5:34:54 PM)

and now I'm too sleepy.

Claire says: (5:35:27 PM)

I don't have the energy to write either. I'm devoting it all to martial arts.

Mischa says: (5:37:55 PM)

Maybe YOU should write SIFU.

Claire says: (5:38:20 PM)

No, no one will ever buy my fiction again because LION EYES tanked so badly.

Mischa says: (5:38:33 PM)

Yes they will.

Claire says: (5:38:51 PM)

No, actually, they won't. But it doesn't matter: SIFU is yours.

Mischa says: (5:38:58 PM)

I hate SIFU.

Claire says: (5:39:26 PM)

Anyway, no one is going to buy SIFU if it's set in Turkey, that's for sure.

Mischa says: (5:39:37 PM)

You know, they just might.

Claire says: (5:40:23 PM)

What have you moved on to?

Mischa says: (5:40:48 PM)

A Haiti novel.

Claire says: (5:40:52 PM)


Claire says: (5:40:55 PM)

Can I read it?

Mischa says: (5:41:01 PM)

But now I'm thinking of giving that up too,

Mischa says: (5:41:05 PM)

because I'm too sleepy.

Mischa says: (5:41:16 PM)

No, it's nowhere near ready to read.

Mischa says: (5:41:23 PM)

Not being written and all.

Claire says: (5:41:26 PM)


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