Thursday, December 3, 2009


Claire says: (5:17:28 PM) Have you been enjoying the East Anglia climate scandal as much as the rest of the family?

Mischa says: (5:17:34 PM) Yes, I have.

Claire says: (5:18:21 PM) Lots of people keep saying, "Of course, we would all look awful if our e-mails were published."

Claire says: (5:18:38 PM) I am kind of the exception to this rule, seeing as my whole career is based on publishing my e-mails.

Mischa says: (5:18:42 PM) I always suspected that this global warming business was a crock, just like the heliotropic theory of the solar system and all the other nonsense our Pop has demasked.

Mischa says: (5:19:05 PM) Your emails reveal the best of you.

Claire says: (5:19:21 PM) I like to think it's my right cross, actually.

Mischa says: (5:19:42 PM) Actually, I'd say your emails are like a peppery jab.

Claire says: (5:20:02 PM) Yes, but my right cross IS a peppery jab.

Claire says: (5:20:10 PM) Or a cross, technically.

Mischa says: (5:20:26 PM) Maybe I misunderstood your metaphor.

Mischa says: (5:20:37 PM) I took you to mean that your emails were your most effective blow.

Claire says: (5:20:44 PM) Because it wasn't a metaphor.

Mischa says: (5:21:01 PM) Oh, I see.

Mischa says: (5:21:07 PM) Your right cross is the best part of you.

Mischa says: (5:21:14 PM) How can your right cross be a jab?

Mischa says: (5:21:22 PM) A jab is a jab.

Mischa says: (5:21:25 PM) A cross is a cross.

Claire says: (5:21:25 PM) You're two steps behind me, mon frère.

Mischa says: (5:21:32 PM) Or one ahead.

Claire says: (5:21:42 PM) Either way, you're not following.

Mischa says: (5:22:04 PM) If we're going around in circles, I could both follow and lead, be ahead and behind.

Claire says: (5:22:04 PM) At least we're not cornered.

Claire says: (5:22:17 PM) That's the idea behind the Octagon.

Mischa says: (5:22:33 PM) Is that the new Chinese military complex?

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