Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Mischa says: (4:13:19 PM) Claire?

Mischa says: (4:13:22 PM) It's your brother.

Claire says: (4:36:59 PM) Hey, is there an indiginous Haitian martial art? Besides just hacking each other up with machetes?

Mischa says: (4:37:19 PM) They are masters of the art of poisoning.

Claire says: (4:37:31 PM) No, that's too much of a stretch.

Mischa says: (4:37:47 PM) No, not really.

Claire says: (4:37:54 PM) I'm wondering if there's a story I can pitch, based on my reputation as a martial-arts reporter.

Mischa says: (4:37:54 PM) But Claire, you can invent one.

Mischa says: (4:38:04 PM) You really could.

Claire says: (4:38:10 PM) You know, it's never as good as the real thing.

Mischa says: (4:38:24 PM) That's true.

Mischa says: (4:38:50 PM) There are many stories you could pitch from here, though.

Claire says: (4:39:20 PM) Hey, if you follow me on Facebook, do you read my blog?

Mischa says: (4:39:25 PM) Yes, I do !

Mischa says: (4:39:33 PM) And I saw that Sifu made it to the big time.

Claire says: (4:39:39 PM) Exactly!

Mischa says: (4:41:39 PM) I like the blog, but it looks kind of low-class.

Mischa says: (4:41:50 PM) Also, you should spew out more linkage.

Claire says: (4:41:50 PM) It's on my to-do list.

Claire says: (4:42:02 PM) I spew plenty.

Mischa says: (4:42:21 PM) I'd recommend MORE.

Claire says: (4:42:24 PM) OK!

Claire says: (4:42:28 PM) MORE!

Mischa says: (4:42:28 PM) It's a performance, remember.

Claire says: (4:42:31 PM) Any more suggestions?

Mischa says: (4:42:37 PM) Yes!

Claire says: (4:42:45 PM) For goodness sake, don't hold out on me!

Mischa says: (4:43:04 PM) Photos!

Mischa says: (4:45:12 PM) I'd aim to blog every 30 - 60 minutes, at most.

Claire says: (4:45:51 PM) I barely post once a day.

Mischa says: (4:46:01 PM) Yes, that's the problem.

Claire says: (4:46:06 PM) Oh, I see -- you want more.

Mischa says: (4:46:08 PM) I get frustrated, and forget about it.

Claire says: (4:46:15 PM) OK!

Claire says: (4:47:54 PM) Blogging is very hard, by the way. It's as hard as any other form of writing.

Mischa says: (4:47:59 PM) Yes, because you must find something to say.

Mischa says: (4:48:04 PM) I figured.

Claire says: (4:48:05 PM) And it has different artistic constraints that must be learned.

Mischa says: (4:51:11 PM) Such as?

Claire says: (4:51:31 PM) Tons of stuff that works in a novel, say, doesn't work on a blog.

Mischa says: (4:51:50 PM) Yes, because blog-readers have no attention span at all.

Mischa says: (4:52:14 PM) I read almost nothing longer than a paragraph on the internet.

Claire says: (4:52:20 PM) You can't develop a character. You can't expect them to read more than a sentence or two -- exactly.

Mischa says: (4:52:26 PM) And I just skim that paragraph.

Claire says: (4:52:31 PM) You can't make a cogent argument.

Mischa says: (4:52:56 PM) No, but if it's too pithy -- like poetry -- I don't like that either.

Claire says: (4:53:03 PM) No.

Mischa says: (4:53:09 PM) I just want it to go straight to the bottom decile of my soul.

Claire says: (4:53:19 PM) And you don't have the narrative arc of a novel to work with.

Mischa says: (4:53:22 PM) Like if you put up pictures of Tiger Wood's mistress or something.

Claire says: (4:53:43 PM) You have to write both for regular readers and new ones.

Claire says: (4:53:55 PM) So you have to continually re-introduce the characters.

Claire says: (4:54:08 PM) Without repeating yourself.

Mischa says: (4:54:59 PM) I'd get rid of your Google ads, especially the ads in the text.

Mischa says: (4:55:01 PM) That's cheesy.

Claire says: (4:55:14 PM) No way, man, that's where the money is.

Mischa says: (4:59:50 PM) Also, never embed a video without describing the content of the video.

Mischa says: (4:59:56 PM) That's very important.

Claire says: (5:00:00 PM) Oh! Good idea.

Cute Kitten - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

Really cute video of a kitten.

Claire says: (5:00:14 PM) I could Twitter that.

Mischa says: (5:00:24 PM) And you should multi-theme.

Claire says: (5:00:27 PM) That's the kind of thing people love to re-Tweet.

Claire says: (5:00:50 PM) Well, I am. But I don't want it to get too confused. I'm aiming for a niche market.

Mischa says: (5:00:58 PM) Andrew Sullivan keeps his blog interesting to many people by covering many diverse subjects -- from gay marriage to ... oh.

Mischa says: (5:01:02 PM) Well then.

Claire says: (5:01:35 PM) Marketing these days is all about narrower and narrower niches.

Mischa says: (5:01:46 PM) That's not what Drudge does.

Mischa says: (5:01:48 PM) He goes big.

Claire says: (5:02:12 PM) Seth Godin, for example -- oh, that's a classic mistake, assuming that your strategy should be to compete with the established powers.

Mischa says: (5:02:20 PM) Oh.

Claire says: (5:02:27 PM) You can't go head-to-head with McDonald's.

Claire says: (5:02:45 PM) You have to convince people that what they want is eco-friendly iguana-burgers.

Claire says: (5:03:19 PM) Anyway, Seth Godin's niche, for example, is explaining niche-marketing.

Mischa says: (5:03:35 PM) Maybe your niche could be explaining Seth Godin's niche.

Claire says: (5:03:45 PM) No, that's Viktor Larkhill's niche.

Mischa says: (5:04:08 PM) This is so complicated.

Claire says: (5:04:14 PM) Although I do, in fact, do a sideline in explaining Viktor Larkhill's take on Seth Godin,

Claire says: (5:04:19 PM) but I do that f2f.

Mischa says: (5:04:28 PM) f2f?

Claire says: (5:05:14 PM) Mischa, where the fuck have you been living? You'd think you were someplace totally undeveloped, primitive and technologically retrograde.

Mischa says: (5:05:59 PM) You have no idea.


  1. Very clever.
    And yes, blogging is hard, especially for those of us who aren't writers.

  2. I think it was a little bit boring because the conversation was too long I'd like to find something funny to read I hope you don't get offended.

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