Monday, December 7, 2009


So, I went. Predictably, I was glad I did and I felt better afterwards.

I vaguely remember a piece of ballet wisdom to the effect of, “Miss one class and you'll notice. Miss two classes and your teacher notices. Miss three and the audience notices.”

I don't really have an audience, apart from all of you, but I can certainly attest that if you miss three classes, the effects are mighty dismaying indeed. I didn't miss all of those classes through sheer laziness; two were cancelled because of the holiday. But I missed them. It's amazing how fast the skills deteriorate. It bothered me enough that I don't think I'll be missing any classes from now on, whether or not the joy has gone out of it. If the joy ever decides to make a reappearance, I want to be ready for it.


  1. Please don't sweat a bad class or, worse yet, grimly carry on as if you were in a bad marriage for the sake of the children. Yes, training and mastery take time and infrequent practice is detrimental. But, hopefully you should see a gradual improvement and sanctification at seeing you easily perform what three months ago was thought to be impossible.

    Stay away from the internet wars, and think of your training as something neutral like tennis or piano lessons. If it's working for you, who cares that some idiot is sure that your serve is COMPLETELY wrong.

    I train as way to get exercise, get time to myself, and increase somewhat the chances that I may protect myself and my family if forced to do so. But I see every week, how little I know and realize that avoiding trouble is the best strategy for protection.

  2. What a good daughter you are for encouraging me to exercise -I'm feeling much so stronger already.