Sunday, November 8, 2009


Unbelievable -- I stand so corrected. Hayes did it. He beat Valuev. A unanimous points decision. My displeasure at being proved wrong is massively outweighed by my delight.

What lesson may we learn from this, ladies? We may conclude that we, too, have a shot at beating a guy who's seven inches taller, 98 pounds heavier, and has five inches of reach over us -- if we're good enough.

I didn't think it was possible. That's right: I was a defeatist. I thought, "That's just unrealistic -- maybe if the guy can't fight at all, but not if he's Valuev. Olmaz." But I was absolutely wrong. I haven't been able to figure out where to watch this, yet, but it sounds as if Haye did everything right. And it actually worked.

David Haye: Feminist hero for our age.

The Hayemaker almost made it look easy through the first four rounds as he would leap in landing one punch pot shots. Sometimes he would throw a two to three punch combination and he would do the smart thing; as soon as he landed, he got out of the way, no admiring his work. The big man would finally get some offense going in the middle rounds working behind his massive jab. While Valuev got started, Haye's offensive attack really started to slow down.

At times Haye seemed so focused on not getting hit, that he forgot to throw punches himself. Many of the rounds were close and difficult to score so going into the last round one would have to believe the score cards where in Valuev's favor. The Russian Giant has a history of winning close decisions in Germany so why would this fight be any different?

The last round would prove to be the most exciting of the night. With just one minute remaining, Haye landed a hard combination that ended with a left hand that staggered Valuev. Haye jumped on his hurt opponent, but was not able to send the massive Russian to the canvas. The first score card read was 114-114, which gave me the impression that this fight was either going to be a draw or another majority decision in favor of Valuev. However, the final two scores of 116-112 were in favor of the Englishman, making David Haye the new WBA Heavyweight champion of the world.

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