Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was thrilled to see that Google has surveyed this site and matched it with the advertisers of this outstandingly excellent product. I'm so excited about building my own pro-MMA fight cage that I think I'm going to just abandon this article I have to write about Istanbul's first literary festival and get cracking on it. It can be assembled, apparently, from "common parts" purchased at a "local hardware store." I am especially gratified to see that the plans don't require welding. I can't weld my way out of a paper bag, so that's a relief.

I'm thinking of building my new UFC-style fight cage right in my living room. I don't think my landlord would mind.


" Thanks for the MMA Plans. My 30' fight cage was easy to build and my students are thrilled!" Bradford MMA

" I saved thousands building the cage myself! It was easy and only took me
the weekend to assemble!"

" It's like a real UFC fight cage! It was simple to build!"

"Awesome blueprints easy to read..if your looking to build a fight cage look no
further "

" I was searching the internet for a long time asking the question, How do I build
a octagon fight cage? I got the blueprints
and I am very happy with the fight cage I

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