Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was touched by the number of readers who wrote to request an autographed copy of my collector's edition "7-GIRL PILEUP" issues of Penthouse. You quite outnumber the readers who have requested signed copies of the Autumn Edition of City Journal, a magazine to which I also commend your attention. I might add that City Journal's editors, too, are outstanding, and that you can likewise believe every word you read there.

I don't know how to choose which one of you should get these heirloom editions of "7-GIRL PILEUP." So I'm opening an auction. Proceeds will be evenly divided between the Women's Self Defense Initiative and Let's Adopt.

And no, that doesn't mean "proceeds go to me." It really means they go to stray dogs, stray cats, and women here in Turkey who can't afford to take martial arts classes.

The winner gets a complimentary signed copy of City Journal.

Government Motors 1975.
Government Motors 1975
America should learn from Britain’s disastrous takeover of its biggest auto company.


  1. You are such a scoundrel... :-p
    Do I look like the kind of guy that pays for pussy?

  2. Dear Mr. Anonymous:

    May I suggest that helping a puppy like Maxy might be the proper option for a man of your principles?

    He's cute, no?

    You don't even need to pay. We will give him to you for free, if you seem as if you'd be able to take good care of him.

    Kind regards,