Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear Gökhan (that is how we begin letters in English),

I don't know whether you will read this.

Maybe you will, though, because you knew I had written something about the tango. Enough, in fact, to ask whether I'd got that black eye in tango class.

So maybe you have been looking at this blog?

You said you would teach me Muay Thai if I taught you English.

You taught me Muay Thai in class the other night. Thank you!

So here is an English lesson.

punch - yumruk

hook - kroşe

left hook - sol kroşe

right hook - sağ kroşe

cross - direk

hammer fist - balyoz yumruk

kick - tekme

roundhouse kick - dairesel tekme

high kick - yüksek tekme

flying kick - uçan tekme

spinning kick - dönen tekme

hammer kick - balyoz tekme

bob & weave - eskiv

counter attack - kontra atak

clinch - sarılmak

elbow - dirsek

knee - diz

wrestle - güreşmek

bite - ısırmak

headbutt - kafa atmak

You will be tested in class.

Best wishes,


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