Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm asking all my friends to try to call my brother in Haiti, over and over, because SOMETIMES calls get through. His number is 011 +509-654-7140 and he needs the following information:

1) Go back to your family. Rose is with them and OK.

2) The State Department and UNHQS know exactly where you are, but do not have detailed evacuation plans yet. They know you cannot call them. State advises getting to US embassy if you can, UNHQS says go to Logs. base if you can. I am trying to find info for you on roads from your house to Embassy, Logs. base and DR: US and UN had none, but people are updating on Twitter and I'm trying to contact them.

3) If you can only check one place on Internet, check my Facebook page. If you can only make one call in Haiti, call Logs base. If you can only make one call overseas, call me at 202 338 2490. I have all info in one place and you won't get through to State.

4) An Italian evacuation plane is leaving from the airport tomorrow morning, if you can get to it. You can all go. If you can make calls, call:

1° Colonnello Dormino base ONU tel number:


mail address:

2°Claudio Colantoni





5) My best guess right now from Twitter is that the roads to DR are destroyed and impassable, but there are some reports of people getting there. State Dept is pretty sure this is NOT a good option. We're guessing that unless you are in immediate danger you should stay put and wait for safe transport to take you to embassy, Logs. base or airport. We are not sure whether transport will come to you soon, but are working as hard as humanly possible to get it there. Also, I doubt you'll get gas; on Twitter reports of mobs at gas stations.

6) If you leave where you are now, try to give as many people as you can (me especially) info about where you're going, the route you plan to take and where to look for you if you don't show up where you're expected.

7) I am trying to arrange rescue for Pites as well. Take her if you can but if you can't don't stay behind with her. We will get a rescue group to help her.

Also please try to reach Cristina with the same information: 509-605-5841.

Reassure them that lots of reports on Twitter of improving cell phone contact, so they should keep trying to reach Logs base.

If you reach them and have any news from them please post it here for quick dissemination to family and friends. I think we're mostly here on FB now.

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