Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skype Conference Transcript

[15.04.10 17:56:04] Claire Berlinski: Hey everyone, I think we're here.
[15.04.10 17:56:17] Claire Berlinski: Ayse can't talk at the office, but can chat.
[15.04.10 17:56:22] Claire Berlinski: Is that okay?
[15.04.10 17:56:36] Ayse Sumer: hey all
[15.04.10 17:57:28] Claire Berlinski: Asli?
[15.04.10 17:57:37] Claire Berlinski: Hilal's not here yet.
[15.04.10 17:58:08] Claire Berlinski: Well, who'd like some tea?
[15.04.10 17:58:20] Claire Berlinski: Families well?
[15.04.10 17:58:28] Claire Berlinski: Glad we got the small talk out of the way.
[15.04.10 18:01:07] Hilal Ozcan: hi guys
[15.04.10 18:01:13] Ayse Sumer: and the cats
[15.04.10 18:01:18] Claire Berlinski: I love punctual people.
[15.04.10 18:01:22] Claire Berlinski: OK, let's start.
[15.04.10 18:01:42] Claire Berlinski: Ayse, would you please re-post what you said to me before?
[15.04.10 18:01:53] Ayse Sumer: okey
[15.04.10 18:02:05] Claire Berlinski: Meanwhile,
[15.04.10 18:02:17] Claire Berlinski: I've asked Mission 4636 for their budget figures,
[15.04.10 18:02:35] Ayse Sumer: [11:19:08 AM] Ayse Sumer: Go for the NGO status it has to be as the corporations and other entities fm the US and other countries cant really give
monies to a person.  It'll be good to legitimize, if for no other reason than to get the tax writeoff.  I believe the Rotary is one of the great sources to tap
in to - Turkish or international, I'm looking in to Govt funds from here such as USAID and State to see where we can tap in to.  There is a couple of
funds specifically geared for women such as the global fund for women and FINCA - it might be worth going there.  I'm looking at some of our
corporations who are our members as well and will proceed from there.
[15.04.10 18:02:35] Claire Berlinski: which should give us a good sense of what realistically is needed to run 4636 Istanbul -- working name.
[15.04.10 18:03:08] Claire Berlinski: I have contacts with Rotary here, actually.
[15.04.10 18:03:49] Ayse Sumer: The other idea was to find a couple of celebrity endorsers from the art/music world, sports and the media/academia which would grab peoples attention
[15.04.10 18:03:56] Ayse Sumer: have them in the video
[15.04.10 18:04:01] Claire Berlinski: Yes.
[15.04.10 18:04:16] Ayse Sumer: do a musical fundraising event open to the public
[15.04.10 18:04:32] Ayse Sumer: I can help with some of the people to talk to from here and am sure so can all of you
[15.04.10 18:04:47] Claire Berlinski: Let's specifically set up a plan for fundraising, though. How long does it take to get NGO status?
[15.04.10 18:04:49] Ayse Sumer: check out the young artists for Haiti they are good
[15.04.10 18:04:59] Ayse Sumer: anyone a lawyer among you
[15.04.10 18:05:12] Claire Berlinski: No, but I bet we can find one on that list.
[15.04.10 18:05:26] Claire Berlinski: Ivan?
[15.04.10 18:05:33] Ayse Sumer: I know tons here and there
[15.04.10 18:05:51] Ayse Sumer: I can check around and see which one has the gratis work they need to fulfill
[15.04.10 18:06:07] Claire Berlinski: Yes, that's what we need.
[15.04.10 18:06:17] ivan10000: what is a lawyer needed for?
[15.04.10 18:06:27] Ayse Sumer: to setup an ngo
[15.04.10 18:06:33] Claire Berlinski: To shepherd the process of applying for NGO status.
[15.04.10 18:06:36] Ayse Sumer: its best to use one
[15.04.10 18:06:48] Ayse Sumer: Asli are you there or not
[15.04.10 18:06:50] ivan10000: why?
[15.04.10 18:06:56] ivan10000: why do you need an NGO status?
[15.04.10 18:07:15] Ayse Sumer: Ivan especially with funding and legitimizing its better
[15.04.10 18:07:24] Claire Berlinski: "|t has to be as the corporations and other entities fm the US and other countries cant really give monies to a person."
[15.04.10 18:07:29] Claire Berlinski: That's the argument for.
[15.04.10 18:07:41] Claire Berlinski: The argument against is that NGOs are bureaucratic money-holes.
[15.04.10 18:07:41] ivan10000: well..
[15.04.10 18:07:50] ivan10000: allow me to disagree.. let me explain
[15.04.10 18:07:54] Claire Berlinski: And there are ... yes, please.
[15.04.10 18:08:03] ivan10000: a corporation is not goin to give money to anybody just because it is an NGO
[15.04.10 18:08:11] ivan10000: corporations are run by people
[15.04.10 18:08:14] ivan10000: and people trust people
[15.04.10 18:08:25] ivan10000: which is why investment banks
[15.04.10 18:08:47] ivan10000: seek star employees that come withah portfolio of investors
[15.04.10 18:08:51] ivan10000: of their own
[15.04.10 18:08:59] ivan10000: it's abotu people..
[15.04.10 18:09:10] ivan10000: legitimacy comes with the work you do
[15.04.10 18:09:13] ivan10000: not with your legal status..
[15.04.10 18:09:26] Claire Berlinski: What are the legal/tax obstacles to accepting money for this project?
[15.04.10 18:09:41] Ayse Sumer: with all due respect Ivan especially in Turkey right now where people do not trust people and there is so much speculation going on to create
from the beginning the image of a legitimate serious organization working for the people is better - yes this is a group run by the people
[15.04.10 18:09:42] Claire Berlinski: I mean, will anyone just sign a check to Jor El Istanbul?
[15.04.10 18:10:14] ivan10000: no
[15.04.10 18:10:16] Ayse Sumer: under what name are you going to accept - what bank account - who is going to be responsible and reliable
[15.04.10 18:10:28] ivan10000: but even if you call it Jor-El Dernek nobody is going to sign a check anyway
[15.04.10 18:10:34] ivan10000: unless they trust YOU
[15.04.10 18:10:37] Claire Berlinski: Sure.
[15.04.10 18:10:38] ivan10000: that's my point
[15.04.10 18:10:45] Claire Berlinski: But is there a DISADVANTAGE to being an NGO?
[15.04.10 18:11:01] Claire Berlinski: Or is it all benefit, apart from the paperwork?
[15.04.10 18:11:04] ivan10000: it has pros and cons
[15.04.10 18:11:11] Claire Berlinski: What are the cons?
[15.04.10 18:11:18] ivan10000: I personally see no benefit at an early stage
[15.04.10 18:11:26] ivan10000: is like going to a race wearing a sky jacket
[15.04.10 18:11:37] ivan10000: marathon wearing a sky jacket
[15.04.10 18:11:41] ivan10000: too heavy
[15.04.10 18:11:42] ivan10000: too hot
[15.04.10 18:11:46] ivan10000: too much stuff to carry around
[15.04.10 18:11:59] ivan10000: but again.. it may serve your purpose
[15.04.10 18:12:11] Claire Berlinski: But the key question is this:  Suppose we get funding -- to whom do they write the check?
[15.04.10 18:12:14] ivan10000: you may find soeone willin to put up some money right away
[15.04.10 18:12:22] Ayse Sumer: every status has its pros and cons that is why you shoul talk to a lawyer at least and see your options.
I've worked with ngo's local and international and if marketing and product placement is done well it should be to your benefit
[15.04.10 18:12:25] ivan10000: but I dont think that is how it realistically works
[15.04.10 18:12:52] Ayse Sumer: what is not how it realistically works
[15.04.10 18:13:07] Claire Berlinski: Knut? Hilal?
[15.04.10 18:13:22] Hilal Ozcan: i'm listening
[15.04.10 18:13:28] Knut Milbredt: me too
[15.04.10 18:13:48] Claire Berlinski: Ivan, what's the hot-heavy part of becoming an NGO?
[15.04.10 18:13:54] Claire Berlinski: Why is it so cumbersome?
[15.04.10 18:14:00] ivan10000: cumbersome?
[15.04.10 18:14:05] ivan10000: here is why
[15.04.10 18:14:06] Claire Berlinski: Marathon, etc.
[15.04.10 18:14:07] ivan10000: you need
[15.04.10 18:14:10] ivan10000: 1. a Lawyer
[15.04.10 18:14:13] ivan10000: 2. an accountant
[15.04.10 18:14:25] ivan10000: 3 monthly visits to the derneklar masali
[15.04.10 18:14:26] Claire Berlinski: Yes. And both would be working gratis, and thus slowly.
[15.04.10 18:14:40] Knut Milbredt: what si derneklar masali
[15.04.10 18:14:41] ivan10000: 4. Bi annual meetings
[15.04.10 18:14:48] Ayse Sumer: You need someone to do your accounting whether you are an ngo or not
[15.04.10 18:14:49] ivan10000: the board of associations
[15.04.10 18:14:54] ivan10000: Ayse.. yes
[15.04.10 18:14:56] ivan10000: that is true
[15.04.10 18:15:00] ivan10000: but not at this stage
[15.04.10 18:15:08] ivan10000: what accounting are you going to do when you have no money?
[15.04.10 18:15:10] ivan10000: :-)
[15.04.10 18:15:19] ivan10000: if you look at history
[15.04.10 18:15:23] ivan10000: and specially now
[15.04.10 18:15:26] Ayse Sumer: its too much of a chicken egg
[15.04.10 18:15:30] ivan10000: registration comes much later
[15.04.10 18:15:36] ivan10000: GreenPeace dinot register
[15.04.10 18:15:39] ivan10000: right away
[15.04.10 18:15:50] ivan10000: they did so years after starting operations
[15.04.10 18:16:03] Ayse Sumer: Greenpeace was not in Turkey Ivan
[15.04.10 18:16:14] ivan10000: oh.. burasi turkiye
[15.04.10 18:16:17] ivan10000: you are right..
[15.04.10 18:16:38] Ayse Sumer: find out what you can do as is - where do we all see ourselves
[15.04.10 18:16:43] Ayse Sumer: business plan stages
[15.04.10 18:17:15] Knut Milbredt: first you need a business plan for every kind of corporation you are
[15.04.10 18:17:17] Ayse Sumer: what exactly was that comment?  Burasi Turkiye?
[15.04.10 18:17:24] ivan10000: yes...
[15.04.10 18:17:39] ivan10000: you mentioned hat Greenpeace did not start
[15.04.10 18:17:40] ivan10000: in Turkey
[15.04.10 18:17:48] ivan10000: and I said ok... here it may be differnt
[15.04.10 18:17:50] Knut Milbredt: you can't hire sponsors w/o a BP
[15.04.10 18:17:52] ivan10000: or it may not
[15.04.10 18:18:12] ivan10000: Knut.. you can't hire sponsors.. period
[15.04.10 18:18:18] ivan10000: you must charm sponsors
[15.04.10 18:18:23] Ayse Sumer: true enough I've tried to find a student for you all to work with who can put toghether a business plan
[15.04.10 18:18:24] ivan10000: that your ideas and plans are great
[15.04.10 18:18:37] ivan10000: but people dont byy business plans
[15.04.10 18:18:38] Ayse Sumer: that is essetial - our mission/vision/plan a plan b
[15.04.10 18:18:40] Claire Berlinski: OK. Let's say we charm a sponsor.
[15.04.10 18:18:47] ivan10000: For example
[15.04.10 18:18:55] Knut Milbredt: but this doesn't change anything ... first there is a plan
[15.04.10 18:19:06] Claire Berlinski: Can said sponsor legally give Jor El, an undefined entity, money?
[15.04.10 18:19:14] ivan10000: no
[15.04.10 18:19:18] ivan10000: he can'
[15.04.10 18:19:18] Claire Berlinski: Will we have a different tax status as an NGO?
[15.04.10 18:19:23] ivan10000: he can't
[15.04.10 18:19:37] Ayse Sumer: we are not going to necessarily sell the business plan but the concept the plan is for us to give direction as a start up
[15.04.10 18:20:00] Ayse Sumer: so we are back to square one - no monnies without a status that they can identify
[15.04.10 18:20:36] ivan10000: Ayse.. this is like a business
[15.04.10 18:20:45] ivan10000: I tell you how venture capitalists work
[15.04.10 18:20:53] ivan10000: those are people who invest on bsiness
[15.04.10 18:20:57] ivan10000: instead of a bank
[15.04.10 18:21:06] Ayse Sumer: I suppose if one of the companies owned by members could take the money on Jor-El's behalf but this will create
a huge issue with their own tax and accounting
[15.04.10 18:21:12] ivan10000: because no bank invest in a business unless there is a collateral
[15.04.10 18:21:18] ivan10000: so look at it as venture capital
[15.04.10 18:21:26] Claire Berlinski: Hold on, Asli's here ... I think ... Asli?
[15.04.10 18:21:45] ivan10000: when a venture capitalists considers investing on a project he doesn't look at the business plan as much as he looks at the person
[15.04.10 18:21:53] ivan10000: same for hedge funds
[15.04.10 18:21:57] Ayse Sumer: who said anything about a bank investing - if you get people to give monies the companies will give it as part of their
annual social responsibility budget
[15.04.10 18:22:02] ivan10000: is an example...
[15.04.10 18:22:04] Ayse Sumer: others from their own interest and heart
[15.04.10 18:22:07] ivan10000: ok
[15.04.10 18:22:18] ivan10000: sorry.. didn't manage to explain myself.. apologies.
[15.04.10 18:23:15] Ayse Sumer: and then there was silence :)
[15.04.10 18:23:50] Claire Berlinski: Sorry, trying to add Asli.
[15.04.10 18:24:15] Ayse Sumer: she has a block in her status needs to change that in order to participate
[15.04.10 18:24:54] Knut Milbredt: welcome hilal
[15.04.10 18:25:04] Hilal Ozcan: hi there
[15.04.10 18:25:15] Claire Berlinski: Yeah, I just told her that ...
[15.04.10 18:26:47] Ayse Sumer: Look I suggest talking to a lawyer who is not going to take you for your dowry - I'll find one and proceed from there. 
Find out your options of different possible statuses available
[15.04.10 18:26:58] Ayse Sumer: and then proceed from there
[15.04.10 18:27:29] Ayse Sumer: in the meantime we should be going out and marketing and looking for sponsors and finding out what kind of options
there are both government and private
[15.04.10 18:28:14] Ayse Sumer: do the video - find a couple of celebrity endorsers these could get moving all at the same time.....have to multitask
[15.04.10 18:29:27] Ayse Sumer: I cant talk on the phone guys - dont have the equipment at home sorryyy
[15.04.10 18:30:06] Ayse Sumer: I meant at the office
[15.04.10 18:31:01] Asli Suner: I am here
[15.04.10 18:31:02] Ayse Sumer: okey we are but shall we use the other window just sent a bunch of things there
[15.04.10 18:31:18] Ayse Sumer: I can fm both windows
[15.04.10 18:31:59] Ayse Sumer: I cant talk fm the office dont have the equipment sorry
[15.04.10 18:32:56] Ayse Sumer: [12:20:52 PM] Ayse Sumer: Look I suggest talking to a lawyer who is not going to take you for your dowry -
I'll find one and proceed from there.  Find out your options of different possible statuses available
and then proceed from there
in the meantime we should be going out and marketing and looking for sponsors
and finding out what kind of options there are both government and private
do the video - find a couple of celebrity endorsers these could get moving all at the same time.....have to multitask
I cant talk on the phone guys - dont have the equipment at home sorryyy
[15.04.10 18:33:17] Ayse Sumer: If you are all talking I'll but out and you can let me know later what you plan to do
[15.04.10 18:33:19] Claire Berlinski: Are we all on chat now?
[15.04.10 18:33:41] Asli Suner: I am here
[15.04.10 18:33:49] Ayse Sumer: yep
[15.04.10 18:34:02] Claire Berlinski: OK. We're all here.
[15.04.10 18:34:17] Claire Berlinski: So. Asli, we're debating the pros and cons of getting NGO status.
[15.04.10 18:34:23] Asli Suner: OK
[15.04.10 18:34:33] Claire Berlinski: My sense is that unless there's some obvious drawback to getting it,
[15.04.10 18:34:45] Claire Berlinski: beyond having to spend some time hassling with the bureaucracy,
[15.04.10 18:34:56] Claire Berlinski: we either should go that route,
[15.04.10 18:35:02] Hilal Ozcan: i'm here
[15.04.10 18:35:08] Asli Suner: that'd be the only drawback, as I understand it, the bureaucracy
[15.04.10 18:35:26] Claire Berlinski: or figure out some other way to institutionalize in a way that allows us to receive funds.
[15.04.10 18:35:49] Claire Berlinski: Any other ideas for that?
[15.04.10 18:35:51] Asli Suner: One way we had discussed before was joining an existing NGO as a subbranch
[15.04.10 18:35:59] Ayse Sumer: yes again talk to someone who can give you that advise
[15.04.10 18:36:09] Ayse Sumer: and which one would that be?
[15.04.10 18:36:12] Asli Suner: MAY perhaps?
[15.04.10 18:36:15] Ayse Sumer: how about an association
[15.04.10 18:36:22] Ayse Sumer: rather than an ngo?
[15.04.10 18:36:28] ivan10000: SOME time :-) Bureaucracy never takes SOME time, it takes  A LOT of time. Ok, another drawback here, independence.
At some point Jor El will have ot point fingers at the government's inability to handle some issues. A drawback is.. they will try to shot you down.
[15.04.10 18:36:39] Claire Berlinski: My concern about that is that if any of those NGOs were doing such a great, efficient job, why would they need us?
[15.04.10 18:36:45] Asli Suner: I was hoping to get together wth Architecture fr Humanity Istanbul chapter here, but they are not yet an NGO
either and they weren't as resposnive as I hoped
[15.04.10 18:37:12] Claire Berlinski: The problem is that none of these NGOs are doing things fast enough, or efficiently enough.
[15.04.10 18:37:20] Claire Berlinski: And most NGOs don't, honestly.
[15.04.10 18:37:20] Ayse Sumer: I really think an association status might work
[15.04.10 18:37:35] Claire Berlinski: What is the difference between that and NGO status?
[15.04.10 18:37:35] Asli Suner: true, that's partially because of the bureaucracy
[15.04.10 18:37:41] Ayse Sumer: dont know what the different legal application is but
[15.04.10 18:37:55] Asli Suner: what's turkish equivalent of ' association' Ayse?
[15.04.10 18:37:55] Ayse Sumer: it works better - you'd have the business angle
[15.04.10 18:38:00] ivan10000: An association is an NGO
[15.04.10 18:38:06] ivan10000: in Turkey you have two kinds
[15.04.10 18:38:10] ivan10000: of legal sructures
[15.04.10 18:38:12] ivan10000: Dernek
[15.04.10 18:38:14] ivan10000: and Vakif
[15.04.10 18:38:20] Claire Berlinski: Right, got it.
[15.04.10 18:38:21] ivan10000: Dernek = Association
[15.04.10 18:38:27] Ayse Sumer: yes but there are trade ngo's now Vakif is way too differnt
[15.04.10 18:38:30] ivan10000: Vakif = foundation
[15.04.10 18:38:48] Ayse Sumer: as the name states that is another ball game all together
[15.04.10 18:38:51] Ayse Sumer: it could worlk
[15.04.10 18:38:57] Asli Suner: What we were looking into was a 'dernek'
[15.04.10 18:39:08] Claire Berlinski: Hi Suha.
[15.04.10 18:39:18] Suha Ülgen: Hi there.
[15.04.10 18:39:24] Claire Berlinski: I assume you're here for the conference call.
[15.04.10 18:39:38] Suha Ülgen: Yes, are you going to patch me in?
[15.04.10 18:39:42] Claire Berlinski: You're in.
[15.04.10 18:39:45] Claire Berlinski: We're using chat.
[15.04.10 18:39:51] Suha Ülgen: OK.
[15.04.10 18:39:57] Claire Berlinski: Everyone, please meet Suha ..
[15.04.10 18:40:02] Ayse Sumer: Dernekler and Vakiflar kanunlari differ in financial terms
[15.04.10 18:40:04] Ayse Sumer: hi suha
[15.04.10 18:40:07] Suha Ülgen: Hi everyone.
[15.04.10 18:40:12] Asli Suner: Hi Suha
[15.04.10 18:40:24] Ayse Sumer: but I'm not an expert on the differences
[15.04.10 18:40:26] Suha Ülgen: Sorry I am late.
[15.04.10 18:40:27] Claire Berlinski: Suha, perhaps you could introduce yourself.
[15.04.10 18:41:35] Claire Berlinski: Briefly, we're discussing the options for institutionalizing Jor El ... as an NGO, the various legal structures.
[15.04.10 18:42:15] Ayse Sumer: wow that is one long introduction
[15.04.10 18:42:39] Suha Ülgen: I am chatting from Geneva. I work for the UN. I have extensive experience in disaster preparednes and response.
I used to be the Technical Coordinator with OCHA responsible for setting up Humanitarian Information Centers (HIC).
Now I work for the Asisstant Secretary General and Chief Information Communication Technology Officer of the UN Secretariat.
Marla Petal is my wife. That's all for now.
[15.04.10 18:43:09] Ayse Sumer: Hello fm one UN person to another
[15.04.10 18:43:24] Claire Berlinski: Thanks! OK ... perhaps you could weigh in on the debate.
[15.04.10 18:43:43] Claire Berlinski: Is there a compelling reason to choose one form of legal structure for Jor El over another?
[15.04.10 18:44:13] Suha Ülgen: I am not an expert on legal matters especially if you are talking about the Turkish context.
[15.04.10 18:44:37] Hilal Ozcan: same reason i'm silent.
[15.04.10 18:44:38] Claire Berlinski: We're discussing fundraising, and starting with the question -- what does Jor El need to be, to raise funds.
[15.04.10 18:45:21] Asli Suner: I don't think VAKIF would be the way to go.
[15.04.10 18:45:30] Knut Milbredt: suha, if you omit the turkish context, what will be your proposal?
[15.04.10 18:46:06] Suha Ülgen: An NGO of course. Or work under an existing NGO. Marla may be able to help.
[15.04.10 18:46:14] Knut Milbredt: ok
[15.04.10 18:46:48] Claire Berlinski: You say of course ... Ivan is arguing that the cost of doing this, in terms of bureaucracy and time-wasting, is quite high.
[15.04.10 18:47:12] Claire Berlinski: As for working under an existing NGO:  Do any come to mind?
[15.04.10 18:47:19] Suha Ülgen: I understand it is very difficult and expensive to establish a Vakif in Turkey. Although there are a couple of exiisting ones
which would look favorably to the idea.
[15.04.10 18:47:28] ivan10000: Suha, Ivan here, you know me as Viktor Larkhill, the crazy dog rescuer.. Dont you think that at this stage the focus of the group
should be on creating a cohesive group AND building a community around it? there is always tiem to register..
[15.04.10 18:47:51] Knut Milbredt: @claire I think whatever you do it will be associated with terms of bureaucracy and time-wasting
[15.04.10 18:48:05] Suha Ülgen: Hi Victor. It is a small world indeed.
[15.04.10 18:48:32] Ayse Sumer: how about establishing it in the US?  and having it be the arm?  Is that going to be politically incorrect?
[15.04.10 18:48:49] Claire Berlinski: Ayse -- politically incorrect or no,
[15.04.10 18:48:56] Ayse Sumer: its cheaper and easier here
[15.04.10 18:49:10] Claire Berlinski: it's a fact that the energy behind this is largely coming from the Turkish diaspora and Americans.
[15.04.10 18:49:19] Claire Berlinski: So that idea is interesting.
[15.04.10 18:49:53] Ayse Sumer: and sometimes selling this entity can be more "sexy" in Turkey
[15.04.10 18:49:56] Suha Ülgen: I agreed, the first thing is to build the base to support a sustainable program.
[15.04.10 18:49:58] Claire Berlinski: Anyone see a downside to it beyond the obvious,
[15.04.10 18:50:11] Claire Berlinski: which of course will be the charge that this is an imperialist plot?
[15.04.10 18:50:35] Asli Suner: That'll be the case for sure
[15.04.10 18:50:44] Claire Berlinski: It will be the case no matter what.
[15.04.10 18:50:50] Hilal Ozcan: what are other examples of US-based NGOs functioning for Turkish problems?
[15.04.10 18:50:56] Claire Berlinski: We may as well have the benefits.
[15.04.10 18:51:19] Ayse Sumer: We have ATAA, Turkish Cultural Foundation, Turkish Coalition of America we are not turkish but work for the cause
[15.04.10 18:51:22] Claire Berlinski: I can't think of any, but that doesn't mean there aren't any, or that it's a bad idea.
[15.04.10 18:51:33] ivan10000: Guys.. build the base to support a sustainable program.. in other words.. people, team, ideas, concept, drive... none of this comes with legal status
[15.04.10 18:51:35] Claire Berlinski: I'm liking this idea.
[15.04.10 18:51:38] Hilal Ozcan: i think it's a great idea.
[15.04.10 18:51:49] Claire Berlinski: No one's saying we shouldn't do that, Ivan.
[15.04.10 18:51:55] Claire Berlinski: Just that we need to do both.
[15.04.10 18:52:11] Ayse Sumer: Ivan its a package and we need to multitask at the same time
[15.04.10 18:52:26] Claire Berlinski: I agree.
[15.04.10 18:52:39] Claire Berlinski: OK. What is the next step we need to take to do it this way?
[15.04.10 18:52:44] Claire Berlinski: Because I like the idea.
[15.04.10 18:52:52] Asli Suner: To make things clear - why we are after becoming an NGO is so that we can get some funding, is that right?
[15.04.10 18:53:03] Ayse Sumer: I will talk to our General Counsel and ask what we should do
[15.04.10 18:53:10] Suha Ülgen: I know ATAA was interested in helping Turkey prepare for a disaster. We have good friends leading ATAA we can talk to get their input.
[15.04.10 18:53:11] Claire Berlinski: So that if we get funding, it goes to something that can legally receive it,
[15.04.10 18:53:23] Claire Berlinski: as opposed to Claire Berlinski's bank account,
[15.04.10 18:53:30] ivan10000: ok
[15.04.10 18:53:33] Claire Berlinski: which would suit me fine, but cause some PR problems.
[15.04.10 18:53:35] Ayse Sumer: Suha I am in the thick of things with ATAA and their management here in Washignton
[15.04.10 18:53:36] Claire Berlinski: And tax issues.
[15.04.10 18:53:45] ivan10000: let me make a point and I willshut up on this issue...
[15.04.10 18:53:52] ivan10000: ok, maybe in the old times it was like that.. today the internet has changed everything.
Everyhing is much faster and agile. Most of you know me as the founder of Let's Adopt!... the organization started
with two people and turned into this:
[15.04.10 18:53:56] Claire Berlinski: You don't have to shut up ...
[15.04.10 18:54:14] ivan10000: We are rescuing in so mnany countries withso many people involved without registration..
[15.04.10 18:54:18] ivan10000: its the IDEA
[15.04.10 18:54:35] ivan10000: find a way to spread the IDEA and you will win people and the fight.
[15.04.10 18:54:51] Claire Berlinski: How's that incompatible with what we're saying?
[15.04.10 18:54:57] Asli Suner: I actually like that
[15.04.10 18:54:59] Hilal Ozcan: so how did you spread the idea then?
[15.04.10 18:55:06] ivan10000: Ideas are incompatible with bureacracy at an early stage
[15.04.10 18:55:40] Ayse Sumer: you are a hopeless romantic Ivan, we should not shut out any idea!  and use every avenue - the realistic and the social
[15.04.10 18:56:00] Ayse Sumer: you cant push aside life's beaurocracies
[15.04.10 18:56:09] Claire Berlinski: It's true, he is.
[15.04.10 18:56:13] Claire Berlinski: Here's the thing.
[15.04.10 18:56:15] Asli Suner: Practically we could have a paypal account righ now on the blog
[15.04.10 18:56:17] Claire Berlinski: We need money.
[15.04.10 18:56:39] Ayse Sumer: Opps maybe should not bringin philosophies in to this discussion
[15.04.10 18:56:44] Claire Berlinski: I can't continue doing this without some money. It's a full-time job.
[15.04.10 18:57:00] Ayse Sumer: yes we are back to square one
[15.04.10 18:57:08] Claire Berlinski: We need money for things like television commercials,
[15.04.10 18:57:11] Claire Berlinski: posters,
[15.04.10 18:57:18] Claire Berlinski: photocopies,
[15.04.10 18:57:25] Claire Berlinski: Internet connections,
[15.04.10 18:57:30] Asli Suner: or sponsors
[15.04.10 18:57:44] Hilal Ozcan: can we start creating a budget? that will also help with grant application.
[15.04.10 18:57:47] Claire Berlinski: If we have sponsors,
[15.04.10 18:57:59] Claire Berlinski: Yes -- as I said before, I asked Mission 4636 for their budget figures,
[15.04.10 18:58:05] Claire Berlinski: which we can start with as a model.
[15.04.10 18:58:13] Ayse Sumer: Yes a budget per project is needed
[15.04.10 18:58:20] Hilal Ozcan: what is mission 4636?
[15.04.10 18:58:37] Claire Berlinski: We are going to need programmers, Knut is not enough manpower, however talented he is.
[15.04.10 18:58:38] Asli Suner: but even for sponsors we will need a budget proposal
[15.04.10 18:58:52] Claire Berlinski: Mission 4636 is the USHAHIDI platform in Haiti.
[15.04.10 18:59:11] Claire Berlinski: Staffed with a VERY large number of programmers, coordinators, etc.
[15.04.10 18:59:28] Ayse Sumer: it does not need to be a complicated budget
[15.04.10 18:59:46] Hilal Ozcan: so they came up with the budget after the earthquake.
[15.04.10 19:00:03] Suha Ülgen: Let's look for a sponsor for the short term and prepare a full-fledged proposal for the longer term. All while we are building the idea as Viktor puts it.
[15.04.10 19:00:24] ivan10000: Sorry Im back!... TV Commercials!!!! Why!!!!
[15.04.10 19:00:25] Knut Milbredt: That sounds good
[15.04.10 19:00:31] Ayse Sumer: exactly short term, long term, medium term and proposals per project
[15.04.10 19:00:48] ivan10000: Claire.. do you konw the ROI of a TV commercial?
[15.04.10 19:00:52] Claire Berlinski: OK. Because Ivan, that will be the single most effective way of getting the information to people who need it most.
[15.04.10 19:00:58] ivan10000: 80% of the cases is negative..
[15.04.10 19:01:06] Suha Ülgen: We also have a division of labor among ourselves. Claire cannot do everything.
[15.04.10 19:01:45] Ayse Sumer: I agree - lets put a plan together now and divide the jobs
[15.04.10 19:02:02] Ayse Sumer: 1.  Status research - in the US I shall check with counsel
[15.04.10 19:02:08] Claire Berlinski: Let's debate the TV commercials later ... for now, let me keep on Francesca to get me 4636's figures.
[15.04.10 19:02:17] Asli Suner: Commercials are highly competetively priced - unless digiturk perhaps sponsors us !
[15.04.10 19:02:20] Ayse Sumer: 2. In Turkey Asli if I give you the name of a lawyer would you talk to them
[15.04.10 19:02:34] Asli Suner: Sure
[15.04.10 19:02:54] Ayse Sumer: 3. what is the most important on the agenda? Sponsor?
[15.04.10 19:03:16] Claire Berlinski: Let's figure out exactly what would be required legally to become 1) an NGO based here; 2) one that's US-based, or 3) another kind of entity.
[15.04.10 19:03:25] Ayse Sumer: Let everyone take a couple of the options mentioned and contact them, Rotary,
[15.04.10 19:03:38] Claire Berlinski: Sponsor, be it corporate or funding from, say, the USG.
[15.04.10 19:03:45] Ayse Sumer: I will look in to USG and other local entitities for grants and funds
[15.04.10 19:04:04] Claire Berlinski: Hilal, why don't you cover the NSF.
[15.04.10 19:04:10] Ayse Sumer: I cant reach out to my corporates yet until after June
[15.04.10 19:04:16] Claire Berlinski: I've already made contact with PDI.
[15.04.10 19:04:21] Asli Suner: I can contact Lions also, my aunt works with them
[15.04.10 19:04:42] Hilal Ozcan: NSF and alternate sources, I will cover.
[15.04.10 19:04:46] Asli Suner: But for oall of this, we wnned a proposal document, don't we?
[15.04.10 19:05:10] Ayse Sumer: yes we do!
[15.04.10 19:05:13] Claire Berlinski: Yes we do!
[15.04.10 19:05:26] Asli Suner: I think, that's n0.1 in the agenda then
[15.04.10 19:05:30] Claire Berlinski: Yep.
[15.04.10 19:05:32] Ayse Sumer: My tasks:I will talk to ATAA and other TR related entities here, General Counsel, USG funding
[15.04.10 19:05:43] Claire Berlinski: I'll get sample budget figures,
[15.04.10 19:05:50] Ayse Sumer: Even if it is a short precise marketing tool
[15.04.10 19:05:55] Claire Berlinski: and work on a general proposal text.
[15.04.10 19:06:36] Claire Berlinski: Our budget will be a bit different from 4636's, because we have a very different kind of PR challenge.
[15.04.10 19:06:56] Hilal Ozcan: we may need to come with an outline of the items for the grant, just to be ready in advance before deadlines approach.
[15.04.10 19:07:22] Hilal Ozcan: i can put together the outline.
[15.04.10 19:07:34] Ayse Sumer: Claire I can give you the name of a good PR firm whom you can talk and danismak with they'll help and wont ask for money immediately
[15.04.10 19:07:55] Claire Berlinski: Now, don't forget -- I'm leaving for the DR and Haiti on Sunday.
[15.04.10 19:07:55] Suha Ülgen: I will look into aligning with an existing NGO or Vakif and explore potential "angels" to pitch in for the short-term.
[15.04.10 19:08:03] Hilal Ozcan: we would need teamwork to progress with the draft proposal.
[15.04.10 19:08:07] Claire Berlinski: I'll be back on May 10,
[15.04.10 19:08:17] Claire Berlinski: and should have Internet coverage most of that time,
[15.04.10 19:08:28] Claire Berlinski: but obviously I can't meet anyone in person.
[15.04.10 19:08:41] Asli Suner: That shouldn't be a problem
[15.04.10 19:08:51] Ayse Sumer: And I'll leave for TR around the 20th of May so maybe when I'm there we can have a major powwow
[15.04.10 19:09:22] Asli Suner: Ayse - you said you knew of a lawyer whom I can talk to?
[15.04.10 19:09:44] Ayse Sumer: I'll try and get some answers for you by then and yes Asli I will send you her contact info separately
[15.04.10 19:09:56] Asli Suner: She is in istanbul?
[15.04.10 19:09:59] Claire Berlinski: Could you all send me your e-mail addresses?
[15.04.10 19:10:07] Ayse Sumer: yep infact maybe we can do a conference call sometime
[15.04.10 19:10:08] Asli Suner: xxxxxxxxxx
[15.04.10 19:10:11] Claire Berlinski: We should create a small working group for this.
[15.04.10 19:10:11] Knut Milbredt: kxxxxxxxxxx
[15.04.10 19:10:11] Hilal Ozcan: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
[15.04.10 19:10:16] Claire Berlinski: Thanks.
[15.04.10 19:10:18] Ayse Sumer: axxxxxxxxxxxx
[15.04.10 19:11:17] Ayse Sumer: So shall we say that we try and meet again via skype next weekend and go over our findings?
[15.04.10 19:11:18] Claire Berlinski: Suha? Could I get your address, too?
[15.04.10 19:11:20] Suha Ülgen: xxxxxxxxxxx
[15.04.10 19:11:21] Hilal Ozcan: what about regular calls, same timee ach week?
[15.04.10 19:11:36] Ayse Sumer: that's an idea too
[15.04.10 19:11:37] Claire Berlinski: Sounds good to me.
[15.04.10 19:11:39] Asli Suner: we can try
[15.04.10 19:11:52] Claire Berlinski: Does anyone object if I post this chat as the meeting minutes?
[15.04.10 19:12:00] Suha Ülgen: Try to announce the conference call a bit earlier please.
[15.04.10 19:12:06] Claire Berlinski: I did!
[15.04.10 19:12:19] Suha Ülgen: I missed it. sorry.
[15.04.10 19:12:22] Claire Berlinski: It was posted several days ago, I think.
[15.04.10 19:12:24] Ayse Sumer: No - I'm in NY the last weekend but 24 is good
[15.04.10 19:12:42] Claire Berlinski: It's okay ... things are getting missed a lot. It will be better when Hilary's got the site up and running.
[15.04.10 19:12:59] Ayse Sumer: we can actually talk over the weekend
[15.04.10 19:13:22] Claire Berlinski: We have a conference call with Crisis Camps on Saturday, tentatively.
[15.04.10 19:13:32] Claire Berlinski: I'm leaving on Sunday ...
[15.04.10 19:13:38] Suha Ülgen: NY is calling. I'll try to get back as soon as I can.
[15.04.10 19:13:44] Ayse Sumer: oopps forgot
[15.04.10 19:13:48] Claire Berlinski: Say hi for us ...
[15.04.10 19:13:55] Ayse Sumer: :0
[15.04.10 19:14:17] Claire Berlinski: OK. So let's chat at this time next week.
[15.04.10 19:14:32] Claire Berlinski: Has anyone said anything they want me to keep out of the minutes?
[15.04.10 19:14:35] Claire Berlinski: Ivan?
[15.04.10 19:14:36] Asli Suner: Sounds good
[15.04.10 19:14:36] Claire Berlinski: Knut?
[15.04.10 19:14:40] Claire Berlinski: Ayse?
[15.04.10 19:14:41] Claire Berlinski: Hilal?
[15.04.10 19:14:43] Asli Suner: I am good
[15.04.10 19:14:48] Claire Berlinski: Asli?
[15.04.10 19:14:51] Knut Milbredt: yes
[15.04.10 19:14:53] Asli Suner: No problem posting for me
[15.04.10 19:14:55] Ayse Sumer: How about the 22nd its also earth day!
[15.04.10 19:14:57] Claire Berlinski: OK.
[15.04.10 19:15:13] ivan10000: yes
[15.04.10 19:15:14] Hilal Ozcan: i would say 12.30pm would work better for me, if we do it every Thursday.
[15.04.10 19:15:13] Claire Berlinski: That's fine by me too.
[15.04.10 19:15:27] Hilal Ozcan: is it too late for you guys?
[15.04.10 19:15:38] Ayse Sumer: yes since its work time here noon is good lunch break
[15.04.10 19:15:45] Claire Berlinski: What time is that in the DR ... 11:30?
[15.04.10 19:15:49] Claire Berlinski: No, 1:30.
[15.04.10 19:15:53] Claire Berlinski: Right?
[15.04.10 19:15:58] Ayse Sumer: I think its only one hour fm East coast
[15.04.10 19:16:07] Ayse Sumer: 11:30?
[15.04.10 19:16:13] Ayse Sumer: texas time
[15.04.10 19:16:14] Claire Berlinski: Well, let's standardize to Istanbul time.
[15.04.10 19:16:22] Knut Milbredt: UTC?
[15.04.10 19:16:22] Hilal Ozcan: 12.30 texas time?
[15.04.10 19:16:22] Asli Suner: Ayse and Hilal - are you both in the east coast?
[15.04.10 19:16:23] Claire Berlinski: 7:30 Istanbul time.
[15.04.10 19:16:31] Claire Berlinski: Hilal's in Texas.
[15.04.10 19:16:33] Hilal Ozcan: i'm central time.
[15.04.10 19:16:36] Asli Suner: Fine by me
[15.04.10 19:16:43] Ayse Sumer: Im eastcoast
[15.04.10 19:16:57] Claire Berlinski: OK. We're good, I think.
[15.04.10 19:16:58] Hilal Ozcan: ayse, would it work for you 1.30pm your time?
[15.04.10 19:16:59] Suha Ülgen: I am in Geneva
[15.04.10 19:16:59] Ayse Sumer: its 12:30 my time and its fine
[15.04.10 19:17:24] Ayse Sumer: 7:30 Istanbul is 12:30 here
[15.04.10 19:17:34] Claire Berlinski: Indeed it is.
[15.04.10 19:17:46] Claire Berlinski: Let's say 7:30 Istanbul, Earth Day?
[15.04.10 19:17:50] Claire Berlinski: The 22nd?
[15.04.10 19:18:03] Asli Suner: it's a date
[15.04.10 19:18:04] Ayse Sumer: got it 22 April - 7:30 Istanbul time we meet
[15.04.10 19:18:14] Suha Ülgen: Confirmed.
[15.04.10 19:18:21] Claire Berlinski: OK. We'll all report back on our tasks.
[15.04.10 19:18:23] Knut Milbredt: 22nd 7:30pm IST time - ok
[15.04.10 19:18:27] Hilal Ozcan: i have a commitment thursday mornings, i can try next week but in the long term i would need to shift the mtg time for an hour.
[15.04.10 19:18:36] Ayse Sumer: Operation Earth Day has officially begun
[15.04.10 19:18:41] Claire Berlinski: OK. We'll deal with that when it happens.
[15.04.10 19:18:51] Claire Berlinski: Meanwhile,
[15.04.10 19:19:00] Claire Berlinski: has everyone nailed his or her furniture to their walls?
[15.04.10 19:19:08] Claire Berlinski: Stocked up on water?
[15.04.10 19:19:14] Claire Berlinski: Flashlights by the bed?
[15.04.10 19:19:23] Claire Berlinski: Asli -- did you have that done?
[15.04.10 19:19:27] Ayse Sumer: we actually have to do that for the hurricane season
[15.04.10 19:19:53] Claire Berlinski: I hear the sound of an embarassd Asli.
[15.04.10 19:20:04] Asli Suner: that's right
[15.04.10 19:20:17] Suha Ülgen: How about an out-of-town phone number and contact for the family to agree on?
[15.04.10 19:20:28] Claire Berlinski: Check!
[15.04.10 19:20:53] Claire Berlinski: As well as a meeting point here in Istanbul.
[15.04.10 19:21:12] Claire Berlinski: Cagri and I agreed that we'd meet at the base of Tunel, if all systems failed.
[15.04.10 19:21:32] Ayse Sumer: YOu know the safest point in Istanbul is Gumussuyu!
[15.04.10 19:21:46] Asli Suner: How do you know that?
[15.04.10 19:21:50] Claire Berlinski: Sabiha Airport looks pretty good ...
[15.04.10 19:21:56] Ayse Sumer: its one of the most stable locations - learned that at the last earquake I lived there
[15.04.10 19:22:00] Asli Suner: too far too reach
[15.04.10 19:22:09] Claire Berlinski: Hey, Ivan, you still there?
[15.04.10 19:22:16] Asli Suner: Well I am in Cihangir, not too far from Gumussuyu
[15.04.10 19:22:19] Ayse Sumer: is everyone on the Asian side
[15.04.10 19:22:27] Claire Berlinski: No, I'm in Beyoglu.
[15.04.10 19:22:32] Ayse Sumer: probably on the right rock point
[15.04.10 19:22:39] Suha Ülgen: I have to go. If your share this chat in its totality. I can follow it later. Thanks to you all.
[15.04.10 19:22:40] Claire Berlinski: Ayse, I'm not going to post your cell number to the board.
[15.04.10 19:22:46] Claire Berlinski: OK!
[15.04.10 19:22:58] Ayse Sumer: thanks just for you guys
[15.04.10 19:22:58] Claire Berlinski: I should go too.
[15.04.10 19:23:02] Asli Suner: Same here
[15.04.10 19:23:02] Asli Suner: Same here
[15.04.10 19:23:05] Claire Berlinski: Asli, call Cemal.
[15.04.10 19:23:09] Ayse Sumer: ciao and good luck to all
[15.04.10 19:23:13] Asli Suner: I will !! Thanks ..;)
[15.04.10 19:23:24] Claire Berlinski: Good night guys ...
[15.04.10 19:23:29] Asli Suner: Talk soon - Good Night!
[15.04.10 19:23:28] Hilal Ozcan: taker care guys!
[15.04.10 19:23:32] Knut Milbredt: bye to all
[15.04.10 19:23:41] Asli Suner: bye
[15.04.10 19:23:49] Ayse Sumer: hasta la vista


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