Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Since no one answered my last question, I'll answer it myself.

Video A: I applaud the ostensible message: Don't hit your girlfriends, guys. But let's study this a bit more closely. First, do you not find it strange that this scene is taking place against a 1970s porn movie soundtrack? Second, those references to her "vulnerability" and her "innocence?--anyone else a bit creeped out by that? Is there not a hint of a suggestion there that it might be fine to do this if the girl is not so innocent?

And why does that girl seem to get hurt in such an attractive way when she's hit? That's not, actually, what getting hit in the face looks like: Where's the blood, the swelling, the bruising?

Finally, why is this girl so passive? Why isn't she running? Why isn't she screaming? Why isn't she fighting back? Why, in fact, does she spread her legs every time he slaps her?

Am I the only one who suspects that the kind of man who likes hitting women would not find this video a deterrent? Or that, in fact, he might well find it rather erotic?


  1. Well. She doesn't spread her legs every time, just the first time.

    But yes, she is passive.

    My reaction is: a) it's odd to see, just under the video, a thumbs-up sign with an accompanying phrase: "11 people like this"; and b) I'd like to beat the guy.

    Btw, I'm just browsing through your archives, having been alerted by a reader to your post about writing for Penthouse. Funny stuff, and I like the blog.

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